NanoMedicine from discovery to clinical reality: therapeutics, delivery and imaging

Co-hosted by the
California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA
and the
Center for NanoBio Integration at the University of Tokyo

November 1 & 2, 2007

Location: the California NanoSystems Institute, UCLA
NanoBiotechnology Themes:
  • NanoMaterials
  • NanoToxicology
  • Nano Detection
  • NanoTherapy
  • NanoMedicine

Panel Discussion:
Bridging the Gap - Bringing NanoBiology to the Healthcare Industry

Featured Speaker:
Gene Block, Chancellor, University of California, Los Angeles
Hiroshi Komiyama, President, The University of Tokyo

Keynote Speakers:
Tony Chan, Assistant Director, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, National Science Foundation
Thomas Earnest, Senior Scientist, Structural Biology, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Piotr Grodzinski, Director, Nanotechnology for Cancer programs at Nanotechnology Alliance of National Cancer Institute
Jan E. Schnitzer, Scientific Director, Professor of Cellular & Molecular Biology, Director of Vascular Biology & Angiogenesis Program, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center


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CNSI- UCLA Speakers

Center for NanoBio Integration- University of Tokyo Speakers

Session Chairs

Program Committee

Advisory Committee

Conference Organizer: Prof. Fuyu Tamanoi, CNSI, JCCC, Dept. of Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics, UCLA