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August 08, 2014

ACS NANO Symposium
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Friday, August 8th, 2014  8am-6pm at CNSI

California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) and ACS Nano are pleased to present a full day symposium on Friday, August 8, 2014 at CNSI Auditorium. Throughout the day, ACS Nano editors from around the globe will discuss their research in the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Speakers include:

·         Peter Nordlander, Rice University
·           Jason Hafner, Rice University
·           Paul Mulvaney, University of Melbourne
·           Andrew Wee, National University of Singapore
·           Yury Gogotsi, Drexel University
·           Cherie Kagan, University of Pennsylvania
·           Nick Kotov, University of Michigan
·           Reginald Penner, University of California, Irvine
·           Warren Chan, University of Toronto
·           Ali Khademhosseini, Harvard University
·           Wolfgang Parak, Philipps-Universitat Marburg
·           Andre Nel, University of California, Los Angeles         
Please RSVP to (by July 31, if possible)

October 17, 2013

UCLA-USC-Caltech Nanotechnology & Nanomedicine Symposium: Nanotechnology Innovations in Cancer, Infectious Diseases and Regenerative Medicine
Register Now!

Keynote Speakers
Moungi G. Bawendi (MIT)
Omid C. Farokhzad (Harvard)
James R. Heath (Caltech)
Kazunori Kataoka (Tokyo)
Mark E. Thompson (USC)
David Tirrell (Caltech)
Jennifer L. West (Duke)
Chongwu Zhou (USC)
Jeffrey I. Zink (UCLA)

Jacob Berlin (City of Hope)
Pei-Yu (Eric) Chiou/Michael Teitell (UCLA)
Chi On Chui (UCLA)
Eggehard Holler/Julia Y. Ljubimova (Cedars-Sinai)
Heather D. Maynard (UCLA)
Lali K. Medina Kauwe (Cedars-Sinai)
Arundhati Nag (Caltech)
Bogdan Z. Olenyuk (USC)
Richard W. Roberts (USC)
Leonard H. Rome (UCLA)
Pin Wang (USC)
Travis Williams (USC)

Industry Speakers
Scott D. Eliasof, Cerulean
Lawrence Mayer , Celator
Ray Yin, ANP Technologies

NIH Speakers
Piotr Grodzinski, NCI
Anil Patri, NCI
Nanocharacterization Lab

Session Chairs
Andrea Armani
Ken Bradley
Tim Deming
Sarah Hamm-Alvarez
Dean Ho
Zibo Li
Andrew MacKay
April Pyle

Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center
Clinical and Translational Science Institute
California NanoSystems Institute
Department of MIMG
Eli & Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Research
USC Ming Hsieh Institute for Research on Engineering Medicine for Cancer

Organized by Fuyu Tamanoi (UCLA), Randolph Hall (USC) and James Heath (Caltech)

February 02, 2012

CNSI / CEA / LETI / Clinatec - Joint Workshop on NanoMedicine
Thursday and Friday, February 2nd and 3rd
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

CNSI will host workshop on translational medicine using nanotechnology with Clinatec, a new medical facility in Grenoble, France funded by CEA (French Energy Commission) and its largest research laboratory, Leti.

Clinetec will take possession next month of a 7,000 sq meter building containing basic biomedical laboratories, animal testing facilities, and a small, 15 bed hospital. This innovative arrangement is designed to accelerate the movement of research from theory to clinical application, the so-called, “bench to bed’ process.

The workshop will involve the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CITSI), directed by CNSI member Dr. Steven Dubinett.

Agenda – to be announced

January 30, 2012

Swedish Medical Nanoscience Center (Karolinska Institutet) and California NanoSystems Institute Workshop
Monday & Tuesday, January 30 & 31, 2012
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Two –day workshop featuring speakers from CNSI/UCLA, CNSI/UCSB, and Swedish Medical Nanoscience Center (Karolinska Institutet)

Speakers List

Planned Agenda

Workshop PIs are Leonard H. Rome, Associate Director of CNSI, UCLA and Tom Soh, Associate Director of CNSI, UCSB.

On January 30th and 31st, CNSI at UCLA and CNSI at UCSB will jointly host a workshop on nanomedicine in conjunction with the Swedish Medical Nanoscience Center of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Topics to be discussed are nanoparticles for drug delivery, nanoneurons, and new medical devices using nanotechnology. The Karolinska, founded in 1817, is widely considered the top biomedical research facility in Europe Seven of its faculty have been Nobel laureates. This will be the first academic meeting held at UCLA with a Scandinavian institution. It is also the first meeting sponsored jointly by the two CNSI’s.

January 12, 2012

Environmental Influences on Neurodevelopment:: Translating the Emerging Science into Public Health Policy

In this half-day workshop, national experts from diverse sectors will highlight the latest research on associations between environmental exposures and early neurodevelopment as well as the implications for prevention-based public health policy. This meeting is intended to catalyze cross-discipline discussions among leaders in environmental, experimental and epidemiologic fields as well as those involved in public policy and environmental health advocacy.

The workshop is open to the public. Faculty, students, policy makers, and others concerned with environmental influences on neurodevelopment and public health are particularly encouraged to attend.

To register, please go to:

Featured Speakers:
  • Linda Birnbaum, PhD, DABT, ATS, Director, National Institute on Environmental Health
  • Richard Denison, PhD, Senior Scientist, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Brenda Eskenazi, PhD, Director, Children’s Center for Environmental Health, University of California at Berkeley School of Public Health
  • Irva Hertz-Picciotto, PhD, MPH, Professor and Chief, Division of Environmental and Occupational Health, UC Davis
  • Peggy Honein, PhD, MPH, National Center on Birth Defects
  • Richard Jackson, MD, MPH, Professor and Chair, Environmental Health Sciences, UCLA School of Public Health
  • Bruce Lanphear, MD, MPH, Child & Family Research Institute, British Columbia Children’s Hospital and Simon Fraser University
  • Timothy Malloy, JD, Faculty Director, UCLA Sustainable Technology and Policy Program

January 04, 2012

CNSI & IPAM Biomechanics, 2012
When: Wedensday, January 4-6, 2012

Title: “Mechanics in Biology: From Single Cell Molecules to Tissues”

The application of mechanics to biological systems presents unique and potentially instructive challenges for physicists and biologists. A number of these challenges have been acknowledged and pursued at a variety of length scales ranging from nanometers (e.g. single protein mechanics) to millimeters (e.g. tissues). At all of these length scales, the mechanics of biological systems involve fundamentally new physics that combines complex viscoelastic materials and active elements, such as motor proteins or mobile cells. Additionally, the mechanics at the various length scales can directly impact each other. Despite the interactions between length scales, and the potentially similar physics, groups working on problems at these various length scales do not necessarily interact. We have organized this workshop to bring together workers investigating mechanics at the scale of: (i) single biological macromolecules (nm), (ii) individual cells and the cytoskeleton (micron), and (iii) collections of cells and tissues (mm). By providing a space for interaction, we hope that theoretical ideas and experimental techniques developed in one area may be disseminated to the others. Perhaps a more coherent understanding of biological mechanics may emerge that benefit from recognizing key similarities between structures and mechanisms operating at vastly different length scales.

Organizers: Alex J. Levine & Michael Dennin

For more information and to register, Click here!

February 17, 2011

CNSI Core Lab Open House
The CNSI is hosting a Core Lab Open House on Thursday, February 17, 2011. Come and see the world class equipment available in the CNSI Core Labs. Attendees must RSVP to

Presentations: From 9:30am to 11:30am Faculty and Technical Directors from each of the core labs will present an overview of their research and the equipment in their labs.

Tours: From 11:30am to 3:00pm Levels A, B, and 2 of the CNSI building will be open for tours of the core labs. Staff will be on hand to highlight each labs specialty.

Demonstrations: During the 11:30am to 3:00pm tour time-period, demonstrations of CNSI's Equipment Reservation System will be available throughout the building. This system is an online registration system that allows approved users to reserve core lab equipment at their convenience.

9:00am - Breakfast and Registration - CNSI Lobby

9:30am-11:30am ? Core Lab Presentations ? CNSI Auditorium
    Welcoming Remarks
    Paul Weiss, CNSI Director and Fred Kavli Chair in NanoSystems Sciences

    Integrated Systems Nanofabrication Cleanroom
    Brian Matthews, Research Engineer

    Integrated NanoMaterials Lab
    Baolai Liang, Technical Director

    Electron Imaging Center for NanoMachines
    Xing Zhang, Technical Director

    Molecular Screening Shared Resource
    Robert Damoiseaux, Scientific Director

    Nano and Pico Characterization Lab
    Adam Stieg, Technical Director

    Advanced Light Microscopy/Spectroscopy
    (with Macro-Scale Imaging Facility)

    Laurent Bentolila, Scientific Director
11:30am-3:00pm - Core lab Tours & Demonstrations - Levels A, B, 2
    All labs will be open to view equipment and learn more about each lab's specialty

    Demonstrations of the Equipment Reservation System will be available throughout the building
1:00pm - Lunch - CNSI Lobby
    Guests who participate during the presentations or visit a core lab will receive lunch
Download a PDF of the agenda

January 20, 2011

PicoQuant GmbH
Advanced Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Microscopy: From Cells to Single Molecules
PicoQuant GmbH, the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at UCLA and the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) are happy to invite you to participate in the Workshop on ?Advanced Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Microscopy: From Cells to Single Molecules?.

Online Registration & Workshop Schedule

What is it all about?
The Workshop is a single day event which focuses on latest developments in Single Molecule Detection (SMD) and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM). The topics covered include basic single molecule detection techniques, fluorescence microscopy, Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) and Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS).

The Workshop is intended for researchers interested in learning about new optical microscopy techniques and methods and single molecule spectroscopy. It is created for all levels of expertise, including graduate students, technicians and professional researchers.

When and where?
January 20, 2011 - CNSI, Los Angeles

How can I register?
Participation for registered persons is free! As the number of participants is limited, we encourage everyone to register as soon as possible through the online-registration form on our webpage. New registration deadline is January 7, 2011.

Who will be speaking?
  • Enrico Gratton, UC Irvine, USA
  • Shimon Weiss, UCLA, USA
  • Ashok Deniz, The Scripps Research Institute, USA
  • Ingo Gregor, University of Göttingen, Germany
  • Xavier Michalet, UCLA, USA
  • Ryan A. Colyer, UCLA, USA
  • Thomas Huser, UC Davis, USA
  • Chris Richards, Caltech, USA
  • Sebastian Berning, MPI Göttingen, Germany
  • Felix Koberling, PicoQuant GmbH, Germany
  • Rainer Erdmann, PicoQuant GmbH, Germany
Please find more information at the Workshop Website

January 13, 2011

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)
3rd Annual CNSI-JAIST Workshop 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011
Friday, January 14, 2011

View Agenda

Click Here To Register

The California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at UCLA together with the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) will hold a joint symposium related to nano-scale materials, devices and systems. The workshop enables JAIST faculty who were recently appointed as part of a new initiative by Japan in nanoscience and nanotechnology to disseminate their research and interact with CNSI faculty and students with complementary interests. This is the 3rd Annual CNSI-JAIST Workshop and the second to be held at CNSI.

The Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) was founded in 1990 as Japan?s first independent school dedicated to graduate education in advanced science and technology. The research and education programs at JAIST occur within three schools and seven research centers on interdisciplinary areas of science and technology. JAIST was incorporated into the National University system in 2004.

Agenda (PDF)

Confirmed Speakers:

Dr. Hieu Chi Dam
Dr. Yukiko Yamada-Takamura
Dr. Yuichi Hiratsuka
Dr. Rainer Friedlein
Dr. Masaru Kawakami
Dr. J.D. Lee
Dr. Ryo Maezono
Prof. Hideyuki Murata

Prof. Paul Weiss
Prof. Eric M.V. Hoek
Prof. Pei-Yu Chiou
Prof. Diana Huffaker
Prof. Dolores Bozovic
Prof. Vidvuds Ozolins
Prof. Yu Huang
Prof. Anastassia Alexandrova
Prof. Chris Regan

December 07, 2010

From the left, former Gov. Gray Davis, Chancellor Gene Block, and CNSI Director Paul S. Weiss.
CNSI 10th Anniversary Event: Celebrating a Decade of Discovery

Click here to view videos of the speakers

In December of 2010 the CNSI celebrated its 10th anniversary. The event occurred at UCLA's California NanoSystems Institute building with Former Governor Gray Davis as an honored guest. It was the Governor's initiative that created the institutes for science and innovation, of which the CNSI is one. CNSI Director Paul S. Weiss and UCLA Chancellor Gene Block joined Governor Davis in commemorating the center's founding with a plaque dedicated to Governor Davis.

View the videos below to learn how the CNSI has and continues to foster the commercial translation of new innovations in science and technology and how it is driving entrepreneurial growth, creating jobs, and expanding the California economy into new industries and markets.

Click here to view videos of the speakers:

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block
Governor Gray Davis
Josh Green, General Partner, Mohr Davidow
Alex Fay, Director of the Los Angeles Mayor?s Office of Economic and Business Policy
Paul S. Weiss, CNSI Director

Photo Gallery

The Governor Gray Davis Institutes for Science and Innovation, each a multi-campus endeavor among the University of California, represent a billion-dollar, multidisciplinary effort that focuses public/private resources and expertise simultaneously on research areas critical to sustaining California's economic growth and its competitiveness in the global marketplace.

November 03, 2010

14th National CFAR Conference
The UCLA Center for AIDS Research is pleased to welcome you to the 14th Annual National Conference of the National Institutes of Health Centers for AIDS Research (CFAR).

About the Conference
The Conference comprises three full days of meetings:
  • Wednesday, November 3: CFAR Administrators' Meeting
  • Wednesday, November 3: CFAR External Scientific Advisory Meeting
  • Wednesday, November 3: HIV and Stem Cell Conference
  • Wednesday, November 3: Pan-Africa CFAR Working Group Meeting
  • Thursday, November 4: CFAR Scientific Symposium
  • Friday, November 5: CFAR Directors' Business Meeting
About the Stem Cell Conference and Scientific Symposium
Held in Los Angeles on November 3rd and 4th, 2010, our distinguished speakers will present the most cutting-edge research on multiple disciplines including basic science, clinical research, and international and behavioral research perspectives.

The two conferences will also provide synergy in that they highlight one of the major scientific themes of our UCLA Center for AIDS Research, which is stem cell therapeutic approaches to HIV infection.

Conference Website

October 13, 2010

Nanotechnology Symposium VI: Progress in Protection
Nanotech VI builds upon topics discussed in the California Department of Toxic Substances Control's (DTSC) previous Nanotech symposia while emphasizing occupational safety and health concepts which are key in reducing potential risks posed by Engineered Nanomaterials (ENM's) to workers and the environment.

The conference will focus on techniques and approaches which can be used to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control occupational exposure to ENM's. The goal is to provide a summary of the state of the ENM Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) disciplines and provide an overview of what EH&S practitioners can do protect their workers now, where the discipline is heading, and what areas require additional research.

Nanotechnology Symposium VI website

October 06, 2010

Integrated Systems Nanofabrication Cleanroom Grand Opening
The California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) is pleased to announce the grand opening of the Integrated Systems Nanofabrication Cleanroom (ISNC) core laboratory. You are invited to come learn about the equipment capabilities and see the facility from 9:00am until 2:30pm on Wednesday, October 6th. For a full schedule of the day's events download the ISNC Grand Opening PDF, and to RSVP for the opening email

Integrated Systems Nanofabrication Cleanroom - Grand Opening
Wednesday, October 6, 2010
9:00 am - 2:30 pm

ISNC is the largest of eight CNSI Core Laboratories, comprising 9,700 square feet of cleanroom and support space on the A level of the CNSI Building. More than eight million dollars of state-of-the-art nanofabrication equipment is located in the cleanroom, including a Vistec E-Beam Writer capable of fabricating nanoscale structures on small pieces of up to six-inch diameter substrates with device geometries down to 10 nm.

The cleanroom is divided into 12 aisles or suites. There are six class 1,000 process aisles, four class 100 yellow room bays for lithographic processing, and two integrated bio-suite bays with their own isolated air supply for working with cells, tissues, and other biological processes.

Processes now available include electron-beam lithography, contact printing, optical projection printing, SEM analysis, sputter deposition, dry dielectric etching, and various metrology tools. Dry metal etching and electron-beam evaporation will be added in the upcoming months.

ISNC is open to UC Faculty, other universities, industry, and government laboratories. Like all core labs at CNSI, the facility will be open twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. After setting up an account and being trained, users book equipment through an online reservation system.

ISNC Flyer (PDF)


October 05, 2010

4th Annual Symposium on Nanobiotechnology
"New Directions in Nanotheranostics: Imaging, Biosensors, Materials, and DNA Technologies"

The fourth annual Symposium on Nanobiotechnology will be held at the Grosshadern campus of Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, Germany, from October 5 - 7, 2010. The focus of this year's meeting will be on Nanotheranostics. The symposia were initiated in 2007 by the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at UCLA and the Center for BioNano Integration (CNBI) at the University of Tokyo. Participation in last year's meeting was expanded to include Yonsei University and member institutions of the Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM). This will be the first symposium to take place in Europe.

Visit the conference website for more info.

September 21, 2010

CNSI @ Volunteer Day '10: Not Just Another Day at the Beach
An estimated 5,000 freshmen and transfer students will fan out across Los Angeles County on Tuesday, September 21, 2010, led by almost 1,000 staff, faculty, returning students and alumni for UCLA's second annual Volunteer Day, the biggest student volunteer event of its kind. In a feat of logistics calling for military precision, ROTC cadets will guide the 6,000 volunteers onto 100 buses, which will transport them to 22 sites countywide.

CNSI's volunteer team represents the largest group from a single campus unit, so UCLA's Volunteer Center put them in charge of the day's largest project: coordinating roughly 1,000 students in beach cleanups from Malibu to Redondo Beach. They'll give 101 lifeguard tower railings a fresh coat of paint, pick up litter, paint a mural at the Santa Monica Pier and more.

Beach Protection Volunteer Day website

CNSI volunteers represent the largest group from a single campus unit for UCLA Volunteer Day

August 29, 2010

13th International Workshop on Kaposi?s Sarcoma Associated-Herpesvirus (KSHV) and Related Agents
We cordially invite you to the 13th Annual Workshop on Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus (KSHV) and Related Agents, which will be held in Los Angeles, California, USA, August 29- September 1st, 2010. Researchers working on all aspects of KSHV and related viruses are invited to attend the workshop and present their exciting work.

Visit the KSHV Website.

June 10, 2010

Novel Nanodelivery of siRNA/miRNA Symposium

The symposium is sponsored by the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) and the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, Signal Transduction Therapeutics Program Area.
Event organized by Fuyu Tamanoi, UCLA dept. of Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics

Visit siRNA/miRNA website.

May 11, 2010

ICEIN 2010: International Conference on the Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology
This is the second annual International Conference on the Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology (ICEIN), a partnership between the UC CEIN and the CEINT at Duke University.

Visit the ICEIN 2010 Website.

May 06, 2010

UCLA / PKU Joint Research Institute Mini-Symposium

UCLA/PKU JRI holds an annual research symposium to exchange the latest research results in JRI and stimulate collaborations between the UCLA and PKU faculty members. The symposium location will alternate between the UCLA and PKU campuses each year. The first annual symposium will be held on May 6 and 7, 2010 at the UCLA CNSI building.

Visit the UCLA/PKU Website.

February 11, 2010

2010 Tech Forum
The California NanoSystems Institute is pleased to be hosting the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science Engineering (SEAS) Tech Forum on Thursday, February 11, 2010.

The 2010 Tech Forum addresses two of the Grand Challenges of the 21st century: sustainability and security. Celebrating its 65th anniversary, SEAS continues to conduct research responsive to the nation and society. This year's Tech Forum will again showcase the groundbreaking advances in research made at UCLA Engineering.

For event highlights, program, and registration please visit the Tech Forum website.

February 10, 2010

Fifty Years of the Atomic Structure of Proteins
We are delighted to present the Fifty Years of the Atomic Structure of Proteins conference to be held in the auditorium of the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) on the UCLA campus on Wednesday, February 10, 2010.

Visit the Fifty Years of the Atomic Structure of Proteins Website.

November 19, 2009

Third Annual Global Symposium on NanoBioTechnology
The 3rd Annual Symposium on Nanbiotechnology will be held in the auditorium of the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) on the UCLA campus. The theme this year is "New directions in NanoHealth" Presentations will focus on diagnostics, drug therapies and delivery systems, nanosafety, and other related areas of nanomedical research. Special emphasis will be given to breakthrough discoveries from laboratories in Asia, North America, and Europe.

Visit the Website for more information.

October 15, 2009

CNSI Core Lab Open House & Exhibitor Showcase
The CNSI is hosting a Core Lab Open House and Exhibitor Showcase on Thursday, October 15, 2009. Come and see the world class equipment available in the CNSI Core Labs and meet the companies working with the Core Facilities in the Exhibitor Showcase. Attendees must RSVP to

9:00 - 9:30am
CNSI Lobby

9:00 - 3:00pm
CNSI Lobby
Meet the companies who currently work with the Core Facilities.

9:30 - 11:30am
CNSI Auditorium
  Welcoming Remarks
  Paul Weiss, Director
  • Integrated Systems Nanofabrication Cleanroom A Level
    Steve Franz, Technical Director
  • Integrated NanoMaterials Lab
    Baolai Liang, Technical Director
  • Electron Imaging Center for NanoMachines Room B120/B140/B146
    Hong Zhou, Faculty PI
  • Center for Quantum Research(CQuaRe) Room B200
    Alexandros Shailos, Technical Director
  • Molecular Screening Shared Resource (MSSR)
    Robert Damoiseaux, Scientific Director
  • Nano and Pico Characterization Room B133
    Adam Stieg, Technical Director
  • Advanced Light Microscopy / Spectroscopy (with Macro-Scale Imaging facility) Room B145
    Laurent A. Bentolila, Scientific Director

11:30 - 3:00pm
Levels A, B, 2
All labs will be open to view equipment and learn more about each lab's specialty.

Appointments to meet one-on-one with a Technical Director can be scheduled during this time -

Demonstrations of Equipment Reservation System will be available throughout the building.

CNSI Lobby
Guests who participate during the presentations or visit a core lab will receive lunch.

Participating Vendors

October 02, 2009

Advanced Electron Microscopy in NanoMedicine Symposium

Please Visit the Website

Recent advances have made cryo-electron microscopy (cryoEM) an important imaging tool for major applications in both medicine and nano-biological research. Researchers can use cryoEM to visualize a broad range of assemblies or nanometer-scale structures at near-atomic resolution and in three dimensions. This imaging method covers a scale range from tens of micrometers to angstroms and provides valuable structural information for numerous scientific disciplines including cell biology, microbiology, medical, biomolecular, molecular, pharmaceutical and materials sciences.

September 29, 2009

Mini-Symposium Celebrates the opening of the Abraxis/CNSI Collaborative Laboratory
A mini-symposium and ribbon-cutting ceremony will commemorate the opening of the Abraxis/CNSI Collaborative Laboratory at the California NanoSystems Institute on Tuesday, September 29, 2009. Abraxis Bioscience, Inc. is a Founding Industry Partner of the CNSI. A schedule of the scientific presentations and activities is below, to attend please RSVP to

12:30-1:15pm Introductions and Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony (4th floor Abraxis/CNSI Lab)
1:30-6:00pm Scientific Presentations (CNSI Auditorium)
6:15-8:30pm Cocktail Reception (CNSI lobby)

12:30-1:15pm Introductions and Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony (4th floor Abraxis/CNSI Lab)

Shahrooz Rabizadeh, Ph.D.
Director, Molecular Drug Discovery, Abraxis BioScience
Kayvan R. Niazi, Ph.D.
Director, Immunotherapeutics, Abraxis BioScience

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony
Leonard Rome, Ph.D.

Associate Director, California NanoSystems Institute
Professor, Biological Chemistry
Senior Associate Dean for Research, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Paul Weiss, Ph.D.
Director, California NanoSystems Institute
Fred Kavli Chair in NanoSystems Sciences, Chemistry
Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Patrick Soon-Shiong, M.D.
Chairman, Abraxis BioScience
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Abraxis Health
Member, CNSI Advisory Board
Executive Director, UCLA Wireless Health Institute

Senator Dean Florez
Senate Majority Leader, California State Senate

1:30-6:00pm Scientific Presentations (CNSI Auditorium)

1:30-2:00pm Michael Teitell, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor, Pediatrics, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
"Identifying and Characterizing Cancer-Initiating and Treatment-Resistant Cell Subpopulations"

2:00-2:30pm Eric Hoek, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Richard Kaner, Ph.D.
Associate Director, California NanoSystems Institute
Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Materials Science and Engineering
"Nanostructure Membranes for Advanced Bioseparations"

2:30-3:00pm Aydogan Ozcan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering
"A New Tool for TeleMedicine: Lensfree On-Chip Imaging for High-throughput Cytometry and Point-of-care Diagnostics"

3:00-3:30pm Robin Garrell, Ph.D.
Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry
"Droplet Microfluidics for Bioanalytical and Medical Applications"

3:30-3:45pm Break

3:45-4:15pm Z. Hong Zhou, Ph.D.
Director, Electron Imaging Center for NanoMachines (EICN)
Professor, Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics
"High-Resolution Structure of Tumor Herpesvirus Capsid"

4:15-4:45pm Leonard Rome, Ph.D.
Associate Director, California NanoSystems Institute
Professor, Biological Chemistry
Senior Associate Dean for Research, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
"Engineered Vault Nanocapsules as Therapeutic Delivery Vehicles"

4:45-5:15pm Kathleen Kelly, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine "CD8+ Suppressor Cells and ImmunoVaults"

5:15-5:45pm Michael Jung, Ph.D.
Director, Bioscience Synthetic Chemistry
Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry
"Synthetic Approach to the Immunosuppressive and Cytotoxic Agent Brasilicardin A and its Analogues"

5:45-6:15pm Bahram Jalali, Ph.D.
Professor, Electrical Engineering
"Serial Time Encoded Microscopy (STEAM): A New Imaging Modality for Study of Fast Dynamic Phenomena"

6:15-8:30pm Cocktail Reception (CNSI lobby)

May 18, 2009

The Fifth International Nanotechnology Conference on Communication and Cooperation (INC5)
Join us for the opportunity to meet with key European, Japanese and US policy makers and technologists to discuss future research priorities and trends.

Please visit the conference website for more information.

May 17, 2009

6th International Conference on Silicon Epitaxy and Heterostructures (ICSI-6)
The 6th International Conference on Silicon Epitaxy and Heterostructures (ICSI) will be held in beautiful southern California. The majority of activities will be at the Ayres Hotel, which is conveniently located near LAX as well as major corporations and shopping in the South Bay area of Southern California. The city of Los Angeles has some of the very best that Southern California has to offer. From beautiful beaches to hiking trails in the Santa Monica Mountains, Los Angeles boasts easy access to historical monuments and natural landmarks. Visitors enjoy such world renowned points of interest as the Getty Museum, The Hammer Museum, and Los Angeles County Museum to name just a few.

Visit the website!

May 07, 2009

Interdisciplinary Workshop on Physical Aspects of Viral Assembly and Infectivity
This workshop will bring together biologists and physical scientists who are working on common virus-related problems from these complementary but overlapping points of view. The participants come from departments of chemistry and physics as well as from departments of biology and medical schools.

Visit the website!

April 17, 2009

2009 Working Conference on Nanotech Regulatory Policy
The 2009 Working Conference on Nanotech Regulatory Policy will be held at the University of California, Los Angeles campus on April 17. The Conference will bring together an interdisciplinary group of scholars and researchers, policymakers, non-governmental organizations, and businesses for action-oriented workshop panels on the science and policy of nanotechnology.

Visit the Website!

January 29, 2009

Transatlantic Partnerships in Nanoscience
Building CNSI-UK Links in Biological Sensing and Next-Generation Materials and Electronics. This workshop will be the first at CNSI to feature European partners in nanoscience. Researchers from the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) and the Bristol Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information (NSQI), two of the UK's leading nanotechnology centers, will come together with counterparts at CNSI to highlight recent work in three topical areas.

Visit the website!

January 15, 2009

The California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at UCLA together with the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) will hold a joint symposium related to nano-scale materials, devices and systems. The workshop enables JAIST faculty who were recently appointed as part of a new initiative by Japan in nanoscience and nanotechnology to disseminate their research and interact with CNSI faculty and students with complementary interests.

Visit the website!

August 26, 2008

International Brain Mapping & Intraoperative Surgical Planning Society
5th Annual World Congress of IBMISPS

August 26-29, 2008
Free Enrollment for all UCLA Faculty and Students

Neurosurgeons, Radiologists, Neurologists, Biotechnologists, Neuroscientists, Engineers, Physicists, Oncologists, Molecular Biologists are invited to participate in the 5th annual World Congress of IBMISPS.

The 5th Annual World Congress of IBMISPS will bring together world class authorities in neurology, neurosurgery, radiology, and biotechnologists to discuss their findings, new techniques and technologies, in brain mapping, brain monitoring and inter-operative surgical planning. This group of scientists, technologists and physicians represents the avant-garde of great advances in multi-disciplinary research and development.

Key Note Speakers:

Leonard H. Rome
Director of the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) and Senior Associate Dean for Research, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA
Nanoparticles for Therapeutic Drug Delivery, and Introduction to the CNSI

Ron Kikinis
Founding Director of Surgical Planning Laboratory and Director of the National Center for Image Guided Therapy at the Harvard Medical School
The Role of Software in Image Guided Therapy

Patrick Soon-Shiong
Chairman and CEO of Abraxis BioScience, Inc.
The Need for Interdisciplinary Science to Effect Meaningful Clinical Change

Ron Von Jako
Chief Medical officer and Surgical Development Leader, GE Healthcare Surgery
Application of electromagnetic image guidance in spine surgery

Christian Macedonia
Chief of Research Operations, Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center, U.S. Army
Brain Mapping and Systems Biology


  • Basic Science
  • Clinical Trials
  • Governmental Regulation
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Cutting Edge Research and Development in Brain Mapping and Intraoperative Surgical Planning

Practical Sessions:
Telemedicine, Endoscopy, Radiosurgery, and Functional Imaging.

Visit the official website of the IBMISPS for information about the 5th Annual World Congress of IBMISPS including conference schedule, speakers, registration, etc.

IBMISPS is a non-profit association organization for the purpose of encouraging basic and clinical scientists who are interested or active in areas of Brain Mapping, BM, and Intra-operative Surgical Planning, ISP, to share their findings with other physicians and scientists across the disciplines (i.e. neurosurgeons, radiologists, neurologists, biotechnologists, anthropologists and neuroscientists).

The association is also intended for the purpose of promoting the public welfare through the advancement of Intra-operative Surgical Planning and Brain Mapping, by a commitment to excellence in education, and by dedication to research and scientific discovery.

The mission of the association will be achieved through a multi-disciplinary collaboration of government agencies, patient advocacy groups, educational institutions and the private sector brought together in order to address issues and problems related to Brain Mapping and Intra-operative Planning, and to implement new technologies to benefit patient care.

August 20, 2008

6th International Meeting on Electowetting
The 6th International Meeting on Electrowetting will provide an informal forum for discussing recent advances in the science and applications of electrowetting. The goal is to bring together key scientists and engineers, from students through established investigators, to present their recent work, define and discuss the outstanding issues, and outline research directions for the future. The meeting will imitate previous events at Mons (1999), Eindhoven (2000), Grenobel (2002), Blaubeuren (2004), and Rochester (2006) in an informal setting with a schedule balancing invited talks with contributed presentations and posters.

Topics will include:
  • theoretical and experimental investigations of electrowetting and related phenomena, such as contact angle saturation
  • electric field-driven physical and chemical processes at the liquid-solid interface
  • fundamentals and applications of droplet-based microfluidics in chemistry, biology and medicine
  • applications of electrowetting in optics and optoelectronics
Attendance will be limited to 100 participants.

For more information please visit the Conference Website.

March 05, 2008

Joint Symposium on Nano-scale Research into Biosenors, Biomaterials, and Nanotoxicology
The California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at UCLA together with the Consolidated Research Institute for Advanced Science and Medical Care (ASMeW) at Waseda University of Tokyo, Japan, will hold a joint symposium on nano-scale research into biosenors, biomaterials, and nanotoxicology. Specific topics will include on-chip sensor devices for medical care and the risk assessment of engineered nanoparticles.

Waseda University was founded in 1882 and has since become the top private university in Japan. ASMeW was established in 2004 by the Japanese government as a Super Center of Excellence to carry out cutting edge research in the biomedical, life science, and health care fields. It incorporates the Institute for Biomedical Engineering and a Strategic Management Center for the governing of medical and science research. It will soon occupy a new research facility formally affiliated with the Tokyo Women's Medical University.

Please visit the conference website for more information.

February 06, 2008

The Frontiers in Microrheology Workshop

The Frontiers in Microrheology Workshop will bring together many of the users and developers of microrheological techniques- both theorists and experimentalists to review the principal successes of microrheology, share exciting recent advances, and make plans for carrying this field forward into its second decade. The workshop will provide participants the opportunity to help the microrheology community define and achieve its new goals.

Sponsored by the Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter (ICAM) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) in conjunction with the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at UCLA, the three-day workshop will include:

  • Lectures and Panel Discussions
  • Conference Dinner
  • Cultural Outing
  • Poster Session for participating Graduate Students and Postdocs

Travel assistance will be available to a limited number of graduate students, postdocs and senior researchers. Details to come.

For Registration, a Speaker List, and More Information, please Visit the Frontiers in Microrheology Main Page.

January 29, 2008

California NanoSystems Institute and Kyushu University Global COE Joint Symposium on Molecular Nanosystems
January 29 - 30

Symposium Themes:

Molecular Informatics
Molecular System Creation
Energy and Material Conversion
BioMolecular Systems

Featured Speakers:

Prof. Seiji Shinkai, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu University
Prof. Leonard H. Rome, Interim Director, CNSI, and Senior Associate Dean for Research, UCLA Geffen School of Medicine.

Special Panel Discussion:

"Building University/Industry Collaborations in the United States and Japan"

Rapid progress in the field of "molecular assembly systems" and "supramolecular chemistry" has provided an opportunity to design and synthesize special "molecular assemblies" with ordered structures and functions. This symposium will focus on the current status of work in molecular materials and nano-systems and the prospects for future research. Participants will be researchers from the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at UCLA and from the Global COE at Kyushu University drawn from multiple disciplines including biology, medicine, chemistry and bioengineering.

Poster sessions with oral descriptions will be given by PhD students from both institutions.

The Symposium will conclude with a special panel discussion on the challenges of creating research collaborations between universities and corporations.

December 14, 2007

CNSI Conference and Grand Opening 2007
Discover how Leading Technology Companies Collaborate with Academic Researchers at CNSI to bring Nano-Scale Technologies into the Marketplace.

Watch the Dedication Ceremony Video Stream!

See the Photos!

For More Information, visit the Grand Opening Conference website.

November 01, 2007

CNBI-CNSI Symposium on NanoBiotechnology

Co-hosted by the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA and the Center for NanoBio Integration at the University of Tokyo

NanoBiotechnology Themes:

  • NanoMaterials
  • Nano Detection
  • NanoTherapy
  • NanoMedicine

Visit the Website for more Information.

September 09, 2007

Bio-physicochemical Interactions of Engineered Nanomaterials Workshop

September 9 - 11, 2007

The critical need for a better understanding of both bio-compatible and (potentially) incompatible interactions of nanoparticles in biological systems is now being discussed the mainstream media. In order to address this emerging biotechnology industry need, this technical workshop will focus on identifying known and unknown bio-physicochemical interactions of engineered nanomaterials and how such interactions can be used to define biocompatible and bio-adverse interactions at the cellular and molecular levels.

For Agenda, Speakers and Registration, Click Here.

Symposium Description:

The scientific focus of the workshop is to identify and fill knowledge gaps related to nano-colloidal forces, the bio-nano interface, and nanoparticle toxicology. A key motivation for the workshop is to help prioritize selection of nanomaterials for future study and to help identify unique features of the bio-nano interface that require development of new analytical methods. Further, the knowledge gaps identified and new science to emerge from the proposed workshop will help lay the foundation for safe development and application of nanotechnology in the biotechnology industry and beyond.

Some of the foremost experts in these emerging fields will discuss Nanoparticle interfacial interactions; cellular uptake and bioavailability of nanoparticles; Nanoparticle reactions leading to toxicity; and New methods for probing the bio-nano interface.

Sponsored by CNSI, UC TSR&TP Lead Campus on Nanotoxicology

For further information please contact Sharon Monroe

March 19, 2007


3rd Annual Frontiers in NanoSystems

Conference Sessions: March 19 - March 21, 2007
CNSI Members Retreat: March 21 - March 22, 2007

On-line Conference Registration.

Sheraton Kauai Resort.

If you are interested in participating in our poster presentation please email Nikki Lin at Poster Sessions will be organized to highlight research.

The CNSI has organized a number of Island Activities including Golf, Helicopter Tours, Zipline Adventure, and ATV Tour. Please join us!

2007 Hawaii Conference Photos!

January 06, 2007

Agenda and Speakers

Fred Wudl Birthday Symposium

Saturday, January 6, 2007
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

On-line Conference Registration.

November 14, 2006

Mini Symposium: Super-Resolution Optical Imaging
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The foremost experts in the emerging field of "super-resolution optical imaging" will discuss the most recent breakthroughs and their potential to impact life sciences and medicine. Nanoscopy is set to answer some of the most fundamental questions in biology that require molecular-level imaging resolution.

See Conference Speakers
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See Conference Poster (PDF download)

The Symposium is open to the public, however seating is limited.

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Symposium Description:

Fluorescence microscopy has become the most popular imaging tool in cell biology. It is non-invasive and allows probing cellular functions and structures in the 3-dimensional space at the submicron scale. Fluorescent light microscopy is however limited in spatial resolution because the smallest possible spot size of light is intrinsically dictated by diffraction (known as Abbe's law). Exciting proof-of-principal experimental breakthroughs are now emerging to beat this diffraction barrier. They are yielding high-resolution images of intracellular structures to obtain ever-better resolution well within 15 nm.

Pioneering new concepts in light microscopy are paving the way towards nanoscale microscopy and are ripe to tackle outstanding fundamental questions in biology that lie somewhere at nanometer spatial resolution.

This CNSI symposium will address such state-of-the-art "super-resolution" methods as Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED), Structured illumination (I5M), Photoactive localization microscopy (PALM), Stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM) and 4Pi microscopy by bringing to UCLA the foremost experts in the field.

The foremost experts in the emerging field of "super-resolution optical imaging" will discuss the most recent breakthroughs and their potential to impact life sciences and medicine. Nanoscopy is set to answer some of the most fundamental questions in biology that require molecular-level imaging resolution.


Mark Bates, Harvard
Joerg Bewersdorf, Jackson Lab
Rolf Borlinghaus, Leica
Mats Gustafsson, UC San Francisco
Harold Hess, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Sam Hess, University of Maine
Stefan Hell, Max Plank Institute

Sponsored by the CNSI with special thanks to the Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter

February 21, 2006

CNSI Annual Conference

2nd Annual Frontiers in Nanosystems

February 21 - 24, 2006

Hawaii Conference Registration:
Available on-line here

Sheraton Kauai Resort
Hotel Reservations

Conference sessions to include:
  • Advances in NanoScale Metrology
  • Biomimetic NanoSystems
  • Challenges to NanoManufacturing
  • Functional Architectonics
  • Quantum and Low Dimensional
  • Computing
  • Societal and Economic Impacts

Conference sponsors include the , , and .

View the Agenda here.
View Conference Streaming Video