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September 08, 2007 - Two new awards have been given to former CNSI Director Fraser Stoddart - the 2007 Albert Einstein World Award and the 2008 Arthur C. Cope Award

The 2007 Albert Einstein World Award of Science will be granted to Prof. J. Fraser Stoddart, Professor of Chemistry and the Fred Kavli Chair in NanoSystems Sciences at UCLA, in recognition of outstanding and pioneering work in molecular recognition and self-assembly and the introduction of quick and efficient template-directed synthetic routes to mechanically interlocked molecular compounds, which have changed the way chemists think about molecular switches and machines.

The Prize also recognizes Stoddart for the educational impact that he has developed, being responsible for putting chemists at the forefront of the burgeoning field of nanoscience and nanotechnology; impacting and inspiring several generations of scientists, and taken discoveries from key fundamental observations to important technological advances.

The Albert Einstein World Award for Science is an annual award given by the World Cultural Council as a means of recognition, and as an incentive to scientific and technological research and development, with special consideration for researches which have brought true benefit and well being to mankind.

The Albert Einstein World Award of Science consists of a diploma, a commemorative medal, and $10,000.

For more information visit the website of the World Cultural Council

The 2008 Arthur C. Cope Award, sponsored by the Arthur C. Cope Foundation was presented to Fraser Stoddart last month.

The award was established to recognize outstanding achievement in the field of organic chemistry, the significance of which has become apparent within the five years preceding the year in which the award will be considered.

The award consists of $25,000, a medallion with a presentation box, and a certificate. Reasonable travel expenses to the spring national meeting at which the award will be presented and to the fall national meeting to deliver an award address will be reimbursed. The medallion will be presented during the award address.
br> An unrestricted grant-in-aid of $150,000 for research in organic chemistry, under the direction of the recipient, designated as an Arthur C. Cope Fund Grant, will be made to any university or nonprofit institution selected by the recipient. A recipient may choose to assign the Arthur C. Cope Fund Grant to an institution for use by others for research or education in organic chemistry.

Please visit to view a complete list of Arthur C. Cope Award recipients.

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