California NanoSystems Institute
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Laboratory Safety Manuals

Principal Investigator Lab Safety Responsibilities 

CNSI Illness and Injury Protection Program Manual

Chemistry Laboratory Safety Manual

Engineering Laboratory Safety Manual

Medicine Laboratory Safety Manual

Laser Safety Manual

Radiation Safety Manual

Chemical Hygiene Plan  

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Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment Policy

Personal Protective Equipment Selection Guide

PPE for Research Laboratories

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Safety Training Courses

UCLA's department of Environment, Health, and Safety offers a variety of health and safety training courses. See the Class Descriptions & Training Schedule page for details about courses covering the following topics:

   Heartsaver First Aid with CPR and AED

   Biosafety Training


   Fire & Safety

   Hazardous Chemical Waste

   Laboratory Safety

   Radiation Safety

   Respirator Training and Fit Testing

   Shop Safety

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Assessment Documents

Hazard Assessment & PPE (for individuals)

Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (for labs)

Lab Safety Inspection Form

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Lab Safety Videos

Fire Safety in the Laboratory

Pyrophoric Liquids Safety

Pipette Safety & Ergonomics

Hazardous Waste Management

Alkyl Aluminum Fire

Cesium and Water Fire

Kitchen Oil Fire

Magnesium Fire

Online Lab Safety Video Library

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Additional Safety Resources

UCLA Office of Environment Health and Safety (EH&S)
Office Main Line (310) 825-5689
UCLA EH&S Hotline (310) 825-9797
James Gibson, Director (310) 206-6544

EH&S website

Material Safety Data Sheets

Department of Biological Chemistry Safety Resources

National OSHA website

Safety Ethics - Presentation by the Office of Health and Safety, US Centers for Control and Prevention

Hazard Communications - Online Training for OSHA

UC Irvine Library of SOPs for Hazardous Operations and Hazardous Materials

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